Sweet Tarts
Pastry can be made with either butter or vegan alternatives, your choice.

Choose from 5 Inch or 9 Inch Tarts


Seasonal fruits and nut fillings please ask.
Fruit tarts are made in a sturdy and gluten-free almond pastry.

Chocolate Ganache
Rich, creamy, silky Chocolate ganache, made with chocolate from Equador, 70% cocoa.
Our standard is a whole cream ganache but we can offer alternatives. i
Set in a chocolate pastry unless requested otherwise.

Citrus Curd
Freshly squeezed keylime, lemon, grapefruit, or mixed citrus.
Citrus curd tarts are set in a delicate white pastry.
This curd does contain butter.

Freshly squeezed keylime, lemon, grapefruit, or mixed citrus.
Citon tarts are baked in a delicate white pastry.
Does not contain butter.

Two Bite Tartlettes

Made with an Italian Amandine Pastry
One dozen will be mixed in the traditional European tart shapes

Our most requested are the fig, apple-cherry, and rasberry.

Chocolate Ganache tartlettes are set in a chocolate pastry.

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